Skin Treatments

Laser Rejuvenation


Laser Rejuvenation is a new and revolutionary treatment used to help reduce the effects of skin aging and many other skin issues. It is non-ablative, meaning clients require no down time after the procedure and there is no risk of scarring, as the laser passes straight through the top layer of skin.
Laser Rejuvenation is suitable for (but not restricted too) the face, neck, décolletage and hands.

It is recommended to have 6-10 treatments, spaced in monthly intervals. However clients should see and feel a noticeable difference in their skin after each Rejuvenation session.


The benefits of Laser Skin Rejuvenation:

  • Stimulate Collagen Production
  • Reduce Fine Lines
  • Refine Pores
  • Reduce Redness
  • Even Skin Tone & Texture
  • Reverse Sun Damage (Sun Spots, Age Spots, Freckles, Melasma)
  • Reduce Active Acne and Acne Scarring


At the end of the treatment your skin will be slightly warm and flushed (like you have just gone for a light jog). Make up can be worn straight after and you can resume your daily activities.

A good home care regime should be in place to make sure you get the most out of the laser treatments. The most important product to use EVERYDAY is sunscreen!

Medik8 Skincare

Medik8 is a British skin research company pioneering in cosmeceutical technologies. Our products are suitable for the most sensitive skin without compromising efficacy.

It is a myth that a product designed for sensitive skin would be less efficacious just because it is not irritating. Medik8 advances in active selection, delivery systems and mild base formulation means you no longer need to compromise.

The challenge for Medik8 is to make effective ingredients less aggressive without reducing potency. This is achieved by using:

  • Solution specific products
  • Professional strength concentration
  • Core anti-ageing philosophy
  • Time release delivery system
  • Proven results
  • Highly stable formulae with well documented & original research
  • Enhanced stability
  • Lab quality: hand engineered in small batches
  • Ingredients that minimise irritation
  • Green chemistry & Eco friendly packaging

Medik8 ensure the “bio-availability” of all our products. “Bio-available” means that our active ingredients reach the layer of the skin where they are meant to act! That’s how we guarantee efficacy.


Bearskins is a certified stockist of Medik8, specialising in professional strength chemical peels for all skin concerns, treatment plans and correct home care products to ensure your skin is looking and feeling its best.




It’s Summer! Time to bring  your skin back to life, brighten, smooth, hydrate. We’ve put together 4 Amazing Packages, to suit every skin concern.

  • 3 X Medik8 Peels + Over $100 Medik8 Retail Products JUST $399
  • 3 X Laser Rejuvenation + Over $100 Medik8 Retail Products JUST $449
  • 3 X Skin Needling Over $100 Medik8 Retail Products JUST $999
  • 3 X Medik8 Peels + 3 X Laser Rejuv + Over $200 Medik8 Retail Products JUST $799 


Please contact us to make an appointment for a FREE consultation and further discuss your specific needs. Call (03)9769 6555

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